Monday, August 11, 2008

The Locust - The Locust [1998]

Artist: The Locust
Album: The Locust
Genre: Grindcore, Noisecore, Hardcore
Location: San Diego, California, USA

1) Moth-Eaten Deer Head
2) Brand New Set of Teeth
3) How to Build a Pessimistic Lie Detector
4) Nice Tranquil Thumb in Mouth
5) Dog Without a Collar (Run Over Red Rover)
6) Perils of Believing in Round Squares
7) Normal Run of the Muck (Compensation for Conversation)
8) Stucco Obelisks labelled as Trees
9) Straight From the Horse's Mouth
10) Extra Piece of Dead Meat
11) Twenty-Three Full-Time Cowboys
12) Backbones of Jack Asses
13) Fixed Companionship, Ghost Town Irrationality
14) Skin Graft at Seventy-Five Miles Per Hour
15) High-Maintenance Libido, Bring the Whole Family
16) Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle
17) Halfway to a Worthless Ideal Arrangement (an Interlude to a Discontinued Sarcastic Harmony... Yea Whatever)
18) Kill Roger Hedgecock
19) Hairspray Suppository
20) Cattle Mutilation


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