Thursday, September 11, 2008

SikTh - The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out... Wait for Something Wild [2003]

Artist: SikTh
Album: The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out... Wait for Something Wild
Genre: Progressive Metal, Mathcore, Experimental
Location: Watford, Hertfordshire, UK

1) Scent of the Obscene
2) Pussyfoot
3) Hold My Finger
4) Skies of Millennium Night
5) Emerson (Pt. 1)
6) Peep Show
7) Wait for Something Wild
8) Tupelo
9) Can't We All Dream?
10) Emerson (Pt. 2)
11) How May I Help You?
12) (If You Weren't So) Perfect
13) Such the Fool
14) When Will the Forest Speak...?


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