Monday, September 29, 2008

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - Through the Eyes of Ahab [2008]

Artist: A Girl A Gun A Ghost
Album: Through the Eyes of Ahab
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Hardcore
Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA

1) Mako
2) Lizard in the Lights
3) Bear Witness
4) Beware the Tales of Scorpions
5) The Ivory Tusk...
6) A Lion in Your Lap, a Lover in Your Arms
7) Spider Inside Her
8) Pangolin Dreams
9) Shake, Rattle (Snake), and Roll!)
10) ...Of the Alaskan King
11) (Curse of) the Horse Latitudes Pt. II
12) Street Rat's Eyes
13) Peregrine
14) The Fox is Restless (the Lamb is Found)

*Re-up, no longer skips during the last track*

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